Central suction device SuperVac 80 hybrid 2 motors 2.2 kW, excellent suction power - SALE

Central suction device SuperVac 80 hybrid 2 motors 2.2 kW, excellent suction power - SALE
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A superb two-motor central suction device from one of the world's largest manufacturers, the SuperVac 80 model with hybrid filter technology with a maximum vacuum of 431 mBar.
The device is ideal for large houses or other residential facilities.
The metal housing and robust design, as well as an excellent motor make this device particularly recommended for purchase.
The SuperVac offers the best price-performance ratio that can't be beat! The devices are in an elegant white color and made entirely of steel housing. This device is one of the most affordable dual-motor devices on the market.
We provide service, replacement filters and replacement parts for SuperVac devices.
Technical information :
Vacuum: 4318 mmH20
Noise level: 72 dB
Air flow: 200 m3/h
Engine power: 2198 W
Voltage: 220V
No. engines: 2
Bag volume: 22 liters
Collector volume: 23.3 liters
Weight: 18 kg
Height: 105.2 cm
Diameter: 35.8 cm
Principle of operation: Bag and self-cleaning filter
Filtration: hybrid filtration
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In the company Vakuum tehnik suction technology, we try to offer our customers, in addition to standard vacuum cleaners, quality suction solutions in the form of global novelties and current trends in this field, therefore we occasionally publish devices that we import exclusively or in a package with other materials through our valued suppliers from all over the world. For more information and a message of your wishes, you can write to us at any time at our address: info@vakuum-tehnik.si 

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