Ash collector with filter, pre-separator

Ash collector with filter, pre-separator
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The Vario Vac ash filter is connected upstream of your central vacuum cleaning system. Your central vacuum cleaning system benefits from the filter function of the separator. Thanks to the high-quality and effective filter unit, the device retains large amounts of ash and protects the vacuum cleaner and its filter system from excessive pollution.
Simply insert the suction hose into the opening of the ash separator. Then use the separator hose to clean the chimney. Only the smallest amount of dust or ash gets into the vacuum cleaner. Thanks to the large 20 liter volume, the pre-separator catches a lot of ash. This means you have to change the filter in your vacuum cleaner much less often.
Technical specifications:
Metal-reinforced suction hose (length 1 m) with light and robust aluminum suction tube (23 cm) for safe working.
Metal quick-release fasteners for easy cleaning
Practical and stable carrying handle for transport.
Integrated replaceable filter.
Note: Before use, open the flap of the suction hose handle, or reduce the suction power to digital to a minimum !

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