Terms and conditions

General terms of business of online shop of tne Vakuum Tehnik d.o.o.  company

General terms of business of online shop determine the terms of buying and selling the products of the Vakuum tehnik d.o.o. company, Ipavčeva Street 32, 3000 Celje (in continuation the supplier). General terms of business of online shop of tne Vakuum Tehnik d.o.o.  company  are composed in accordance with The protection act of consumers (PaC) and international codex of online business. The online shop of the supplier is an informational system that is dedicated to presentation and selling of the products to users. It is managed by the Vakuum tehnik d.o.o. company and the contractor MT2 Telecommunication d.o.o. company.

The user is a person who uses our system, therefore a buyer in the online shop.

The supplier and the buyer manage their mutual obligations with the purchase at the online shop Vakuum tehnik d.o.o. with these general terms. Every user of online shop of Vakuum tehnik do.o. company has an user name and a password with which he/she introduces. A password is classified and known only to the user, whick he/she can get by email. The user is obligated that only he/she will use that password or the person who is authorized for personation in his/her name.

General terms of business deal with working of the Vakuum tehnik d.o.o. company  online shop, the rights of the user and business relationship between the supplier and the buyer.



Company name : Vakuum tehnik, sesalna tehnologija Šrot, d.o.o.
Short name of company : Vakuum tehnik d.o.o.
Location : Celje
Adress : P.P. 91, 3101 Celje
Email : info@vakuum-tehnik.si
Phone : 0599 60 439
Fax: (03) 5485827
ID nr.: SI79657915
Registration nr.: 3610918000
Tax nr.: 79657915
Bank account :

IBAN: SI56 0311 8100 0760 149



  1. Payment by invoice – if you decided for payment by invoice, we will send an invoice wth all the data  to the email address of the receiver of the bill. After receiving the means on our business account the goods will be sent to the address of the delivery.
  2. Cash on delivery – cash on delivery is convenient if you want payment when you deliver ordered goods. Because only payment by cash is possible with cash on delivery, you have to be present when the goods arrive, no matter what the value of the goods is. You are notified about the time of the delivery by phone or email. If this is not suitable for you please read the information about the payment method by invoice.


Until the full payment of the products from individual order, the products remain in the hands of Vakuum tehnik d.o.o. company, although they have already been delivered to the buyer. In the case of default or faulty payment the company has the rights to demand from the buyer to give back all products in perfect condition.


The supplier disclose the bill on pernament media (paper), which is besides the guarantee valid proof for reclamation or service intervention.




All prices are in EUR and include VAD. We hold rights to change prices , if it is not stated differently (in the case of actions and special discounts). The prices are valid from the moment that the order is submitted and do not have validity determined in advance. The prices hold true in case of the payment under above stated payment methods and above stated conditions. Stated prices are valid only for purchase in Online shop of the Vakuum tehnik d.o.o. company and can be different from the prices with the other suppliers of the same articles in shops or in the field.


Despite of exceptional effort to ensure the most up to date and correct data, it can happen that the data about the price is wrong. In that case or in the case that the price changes during the processing orders, the supplier will enable the buyer withdrawal from the purchase and at tehe same time offer a solution to the buyer which will be in two-sided contentedness.


The validity of specials


Periods of the validity of specials that can vary are listed at the specials.




The consumer has the right to notify the company in writing about the withdrawal from the contract or the purchase  in 8 days from the delivery of the goods on the email address info@vakuum-tehnik.si .  The consumer has to return the goods to the company in 8 days after the notification in writing, with which he/she covers the costs of render of the goods. The products have to be unused, undamaged and in original package. The copy of the bill has to be applied. The buyer  covers  the costs of render the goods. The supplier returns the total purchase price (the total purhase price with the costs of delivery) in shortest possible time,not later than in 30 days from receiving the notice of withdrawal from the contract or from the day of receiving the returned goods.

The buyer has to return the goods on the address: Vakuum tehnik d.o.o., Ipavčeva ulica 32, 3000    Celje




All products being sold on online shop ot the Vakuum tehnik d.o.o. company have the guarantee of the importer or manufacturer and provided service and spare parts in Slovenia. For enforcement of the guarantee and service maintenance, you can turn to the nearest authorized service or directly to the head offfice. With eforcement of the guarantee, guarantee terms hold true which are given on the indemnity bond which is given at each product on the bill. Guarantee does not apply for: consumables, filters, vacuum bags etc. Guarantee is enforced with the copy of the bill and indemnity bond.  All factory defects and deficiencies that arises during the guarantee term will be dealt with for free at the service. Service outside the guarantee is assured for 5-year period if it is not stated differently by the law.


The guarantee stops to be valid in next cases:


For all vacuum units brand Variovac a 5-year guarantee in Slovenia holds true. For all others            a two-year guarantee holds true.

The guarantee stops to be valid in next cases:


Online shop of the Vakuum tehnik d.o.o. company wants to oblige wishes of all buyers, that is why we deliver purchased goods at optimum prices without profit margin on your address within 1-3 days after receiving the payment, if the material is in-stock and on whole area of Republic of Slovenia.

If the product is in-stock, the time of delivery is two to three days from the receiving of the email notification on your email address that your order was sent, in other case it takes some time more.

In case of the buyer not being present at the delivery, the product can be  taken over by an adult who lives in the same household with the buyer or another person who has authorization for take-over. A person who takes over the delivered product, confirms the take over of the product and all documentation with a signature on the form of delivery and gives her /his own name, surname and the date of take-over and relationship towards the orderer.

The time of delivery for products that are not in-stock is from 5 to 30 days, except for materials that were not delivered from the manufacturer on time or have unexpectedly been cancelled, for what the buyer will be notified on time and the whole purchased money will be returned.


The supplier uses appropriate technological and organizational means for protection of the transfer and storage of personal data, orders and payments.

The buyer is responsible for access to his/her system and will take care of securing the user name and password.  The buyer swears for accuracy and validity of all the given data and is responsible for the damage caused by inaccurate or untrue data.


The supplier commits to permanent protection of all personal data according to the Protection act of personal data (Ur. list RS št. 86/2004) and the Insurance act. All data from the website of Vakuum tehnik d.o.o. company will be used strictly for sending the information material, offers, bills and other needed communication.


Notifications about monthly specials and commercial electronic messages have to be clearly                    and undoubtedly marked as an advertisement.  The sender has to be clearly evident. The supplier will unconditionally take into account the user's wish for not receiving the advertisement and notifications about monthly specials.


The supplier does its best to try to ensure accordance and up to date data posted on its website.  In spite of all that the features of the products, their stock and price change so quickly that the supplier cannot correct the data on website on time. In that case the supplier will notify the buyer about the change and make it possible for him/her to cancel the order or change the ordered product. All photos of the products are symbolic and do not assure the characteristic of the product.


The supplier respects valid legislation of protection of consumers.the users can send  complaints and reclamations by email info@vakuum-tehnik.si or by classical mail on the address:

Vakuum tehnik d.o.o.
3101 Celje

The supplier has to confirm that he received the complaint in five days, report to the user or the buyer how long will it be discussed and report in all times about the course of action. The supplier will do its best to aspire for reasonable solution of eventual conflits.